Commissary Kitchen Rentals Tucson

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Com Kitchen Tucson is for..

Tucson Caterers who are too small to have their own location and want to take on bigger

Food Trucks that need a required commercial kitchen to satisfy Pima county regulations.

Convenience Food Providers who want to create carry out or delivered meals
Bakers and Pastry Chefs who sell bread, baked goods, and desserts wholesale to
caterers, restaurants, and retail stores Gourmet Specialty Chefs who want to market their products to local stores and restaurants.

Teaching Chefs who want to teach a cooking class or do contract culinary training.

And of course, aspiring Personal Chefs, Caterers, Bakers, and Gourmet Specialty Chefs who want to try out their business ideas!

We offer a commissary kitchen for rental by the hour! Pricing starting at only $16 per hour with a long-term monthly plan.

Whether you need cooking classes, catering, food storage or kitchen rental, Com Kitchen Tucson has it all and are here to help.

Please read our policies and procedures for kitchen rental services
before scheduling a rental period.

Call us today at (678) 656-8208 or email for more information.