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Is to provide culinary entrepreneurs with the tools and resources to build their dream business and succeed in today’s marketplace. A licensed commercial kitchen is required by state laws/regulations for any business that sells food to the public.

We’ve taken the financial risk of opening and operating a commercial kitchen and reduced it to a fixed cost on which to base your business plans. In addition, our hourly rates mean you only pay for what you use, removing the burden of long-term leases.

Executive Chef and Owner Todd Eanes

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Chef J. Todd Eanes C.E.C is a classically trained Chef with 30+ years of kitchen experience. Chef Todd has lived and worked in kitchens in Russia, Alaska, Antarctica, U.S. Virgin Islands, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Tucson AZ., and Roanoke VA., Chef Todd has many years of executive experience as a Certified Executive Chef, Program Culinary Manager, and Director of Food and Nutrition. Chef Todd has 10+ years of culinary arts teaching experience as well as experience managing his own restaurant and is a logistical expert on remote food service. He is interested in the success of others and is happy and always willing to mentor people new to food service business.

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